Colours of Sympathy: Which Funeral Flowers Are Appropriate?

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It is sad to realise, but flowers bring not only joy. Flowers are given not only for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or the birth of a baby. It is also customary to present them in days of sorrow. Parting with loved ones is an ordeal for everyone. With the help of flowers, you show your respect, love for the deceased. Flowers will allow you to express condolences to the relatives of a person who has gone forever. In such a sad moment, it is very difficult to find the right words, but flowers will say everything for you.
Funeral flowers are laid on the grave of the deceased in all countries, without exception. In Canada, Great Britain, Australia, it is customary to present poppies, since poppy is an attribute of the god of sleep Hypnos and the god of death Thanatos. Irises symbolize the hope of rebirth. By placing irises on the grave, you will thus say that the deceased will forever remain in the memory of the people who loved him. If the deceased was very close to you, then you should know which flowers he loved the most. Lay them on his grave.
What flowers are appropriate for a funeral? When composing a bouquet for a mournful day, do not give preference to bright colors. A funeral is not a holiday, it is a farewell day. Let it pass according to tradition.
The bouquet should be simple, not provocative. It must have an even number of flowers. Look for white lilies, colors of cool shades (blue to deep purple), or dark red colors.
Decorating the grave must also be approached responsibly. Evergreens indicate that the departed will forever remain in your memory. Therefore, cypress, yew and thuja will be very useful. A weeping willow, or "tree of sorrow", will symbolize the departure of the deceased to a better world, where there are no worries, tears, hatred, anger. If you want to decorate the grave with flowers, then let them be discreet: daisy, periwinkle, forget-me-not are suitable for this purpose.
Chrysanthemum is often used at funerals, especially for wreath decoration. However, in the Eastern tradition, this flower has a different symbolism, therefore, if the family of the deceased is from the East, it is better to choose other flowers.
Previously, preference was given to violet, daffodil, hyacinth. In ancient times, people believed in legends and tales, in which the appearance of these flowers was caused by sad events.
If you are deprived of the opportunity to say goodbye to the deceased in person, then a basket of flowers with a condolence card is the best way out. So you can pay tribute to the memory of a loved one, even if you cannot attend the funeral.
Bouquets, ritual wreaths, baskets, garlands are the last gesture of respect that you can make to a person who has passed away. The bouquet, made according to all the laws of funeral floristry, embodies your state of mind and mood. Sympathy flowers will not help you numb the pain of parting, but they will slightly alleviate your suffering and sadness.
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