Payment methods we accept

Paying for your order at DodoMarket is easy and secure! You can use any of the payment methods listed below to buy flowers, gifts, chocolates or balloons.

Paying by credit or debit card
We accept all major credit cards, but please note that the our payment system may have different requirements depending on the country where you’re shopping. However, you can always pay using MasterCard® and Visa® no matter which country you’re in. You can shop with confidence at DodoMarket as we are using an international payment gateway protected by the highest level of security via encryption. Make sure the credit card you use has the correct billing address or we won’t be able to process the payment. You can choose a different delivery address at checkout.

Paying with MCB Juice
Another option you have is to pay using Juice by MCB. If you choose Juice by MCB as your payment method, you’ll be required to complete your payment after placing your oder by making transfer by MCB Juice to our account at MCB bank. The transfer is usually processed within minutes. The account details are provided at checkout.

Paying by Bank Transfer
You can also pay for your gifts and flowers by making a direct debit to our bank account without using MCB Juice system. However, please note that if you make a bank transfer from a banks other than MCB, especially from abroad, it may take some time for us to receive and clear your payment. So, this method is not recommended for same day or next-day deliveries.