Best Mother's Day Gifts Ideas


This year many families will have to celebrate Mother’s Day separately.

In the end of May, mothers are traditionally felicitated all over the world. But this year, Mothers Day in Mauritius will be special: many will not be able to congratulate their relatives in person. Thanks to delivery services, even at a distance, you can please your mother and family. Therefore, DodoMarket has collected several happy Mothers Day gift ideas that can be realized regardless of the distance. 

  1. Fresh flowers and Houseplants. High quality flower bouquets and personally arranged compositions will definitely bring joy and last longer to convey your love. And now, when most people spend more time at home, decorating their home with flowers is a great idea. A reliable flower delivery service will offer not only fresh flower bouquets with your personal greeting card message, but also a variety of other gifts you may send together.
  2. A New Hobby. Try assisting mom in finding a new hobby or contribute to the one she already has. For example, some materials, paints, and brushes for painting or something for needlework. This will help her get distracted during such a stressful time. Think about what she likes to do. 
  3. DIY gift. Perhaps you now have more free time and the need to save money. This is a great chance to give your mom a handmade item. For example, print your favorite family photos and make an album. Or ask all your family to record a video for your mom with nice words and edit it. Such a mom gift will really be remembered for a long time. 
  4. Book. Reading a good book is a great way to get away from social media and relax. Think about which genre your mom prefers and choose one or more books for her. Nowadays, many bookstores have great discounts, so there is a chance to meet a small amount. You can also present her an e-book. Here are some good options for books in different genres: “The Idea of ​​You” by Robinne Lee (romantic story), “Winter Garden” by Kristin Hannah (historical prose), “The Perfect Mother” by Aimee Molloy (thriller), “My Life So Far” by Jane Fonda (non-fiction), “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” by Lori Gottlieb (non-fiction). 
  5. Letter or Greeting card. Write a paper letter or send a Postcard to mom. Nowadays, very few people write letters or postcards, so they are more meaningful than ever (especially if they are beautifully designed). As with a DIY gift, you will spend time and effort writing, which is especially valuable today. If your income is reduced, it will save you money. In addition, these are memories that will last for a long time. 
  6. Online course or master class. If your mom has long wanted to learn English or do yoga, it's time to give her online classes. In connection with the quarantine, it will be easier for her to attend courses, because she does not need to go anywhere. At the same time, you have more choice for a gift, since now there is an abundance of online activities.
  7. Sweets and Chocolates. Order your mom a delivery of sweets or chocolates - treat her with a delicious present that she would not taste on a typical day. A handmade chocolates in a beautiful box can become an outstanding choice among other happy mothers day gifs.

A few more tips in connection with the quarantine: 

  • Be aware of possible delays in delivery. If you send your mom a gift, do it well in advance. Especially if it's a popular product. 
  • According to the recent survey, 64% of respondents plan to purchase flowers on Mother's Day. Many Mauritian flower delivery services still accept and deliver orders, but some sites warn of possible delays. Thus, order flowers and gifts for Mothers Day in advance! This way you make sure your order will come before the others, and it has more chances to be on time for the celebration.
  • Mother's Day delivery can cost a pretty penny, at this time, it gets quite expensive. Therefore, always book in advance for Mothers day. 
  • Support small businesses. Local businesses and online services are especially in need of support during this time. If you decide to buy something for your mom, try finding it at your local store or order from Mauritian online shop. This way you will not only possibly shorten the delivery time, but also do a good deed. Many stores are now very active online and offer discounts.

You may have a look at our Mothers Day Gifts and Flowers Collection for more inspiration.

With all this in mind, we wish you a very Happy Mothers Day, Mauritius!


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