How to choose a silver jewellery gift for her Birthday or Valentine’s Day?

From year to year, according to public opinion polls, it is jewellery that falls into the top 3 ideal women's gifts for birthday and gifts for Valentine’s Day. We have compiled a shortlist of those that will turn out to be win-win options - even if you know unforgivably little about the person's tastes and preferences.
Jewellery gifts for her birthday or Valentines day

Stylish trendy youth: Earrings and pendant

The simplest thing: observe who the gift is intended for. If she's a die-hard fan of jeans and chunky platform sneakers, you're almost certainly better off looking at trendy “everyday” silver than a limited edition line of handcrafted enamel. If her lifestyle, albeit with some discrepancies, does not differ from the “home-work-home” scheme, give something in which she will feel comfortable in the office. Are you planning to give something more formal, that with a wave of your wand, turns her into a star of the party? Look at your joint birthday photos: what does she prefer to wear on your dates - spectacular earrings or rings with bracelets?

Best friends: Diamonds

The ancient prescription of jewellery etiquette that a girl is not allowed to wear real diamonds until 30 years old makes only her eyebrows rise: today this sparkling pebble, albeit a miniature one, is the most coveted gift at any age, which will definitely not avoid a photo session followed by a post and enthusiastic comments girlfriends on all social networks. Let's put it even more unambiguously: this option is guaranteed without loss. Let us also allow ourselves the final collapse of the mythology that has developed around the most coveted stone: everyone can afford diamonds. Don't believe me? Take a look here.

Pendants and necklaces

We all know that the main thing is not a gift, but attention, right? A gift, coupled with attention, is a squared pleasantness: show your mother, sister, girlfriend or beloved that the investment in the present was not only money, but also your time and effort. You remembered something that touches her heart, and therefore for a long time and persistently searched for jewellery with symbolism. Or they decided to present a precious talisman with her zodiac sign. In any case, this kind of personalisation will work with a bang! Psychologists have long proven that everything connected with a person's self works flawlessly, so pendants with initial letters of the name, bracelets with engraved favourite quotes, or earrings with inset stones matching the horoscope can be used.

Silver Jewellery: Earrings and rings

The search for a birthday present is a special kind, everything is clear with this: we try and are not afraid to overdo it. Valentine’s Day is a much more "duty" occasion, but why not remind yourself and those around you that there can be warmth in your soul even without the sun outside? And if colleagues are delighted with the unscheduled distribution of postcards and tulips, then the closest ones should arrange a real holiday at least once. Lift your spirits with your favourite feminine joys: bouncy colours and fashionable novelties - and give spring-like bright, cast in silver compliments of true femininity.

Taste and color: Earrings and rings

You can do more cunning and know in advance that you will please in any case. Give a choice! The so-called "three (or even five) in one" transforming jewellery is a universal gift solution that: a) will allow you not to puzzle over which shade of pebble will suit her better; b) will take into account all possible requirements of the future owner: personal preferences, compatibility with the color type, the outfit and mood chosen in the morning.

Happy minutes: Watch

Give the most valuable gift - time. And what you spend together and what is made of steel is as strong and reliable as your feelings ❤ When buying a watch as a gift, choose those that will not “argue” with either trends or an inexorable dress code. Versatility in fashion whatever the weather: stylish cocktail looks, relaxed casual, and appropriate classics. In a word, please both a convinced conservative and a discerning fashionista!
What jewellery should not be presented on Valentine’s Day
  • Rings reminiscent of engagement - men, if you are not going to kneel down on one knee and take the oath of allegiance, you risk trying to find out for a couple of weeks after Valentine’s Day why she did not respond to your messages;
  • The ones she never wears - even if you convince yourself that "now it may be." If so, it’s just out of politeness, and you don’t want that kind of condescension, right?
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