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Best Valentine's Gifts Ideas

Valentine's Day is coming soon, a holiday of romance and love, a time of touching gestures and sincere confessions. On this day, it is customary to declare your love and to present special gifts to your loved ones. Hence, in the final weeks before the occasion, we are ritually involved in a treasure hunt looking for the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.

Each of us wants to surprise our nearest and dearest with something original, sophisticated, and special. Someone acquires a certificate for visiting a spa salon, horseback riding, a weekend stay at a nice hotel, a hot air balloon flight, or a romantic date on the roof of a skyscraper. Many have recently been trying to make a gift with their own hands: postcards, toys, decorative gizmos.

Nonetheless, for many years the TOP 5 most popular gifts for Valentine's Day at DodoMarket Gifts and Flower Delivery Mauritius remain unfailing, and the list traditionally goes as follows:

Flowers and bouquets

The first place in the ranking of gifts for Valentine's Day is taken by floral bouquets. Of course, this is a universal gift for any occasion, but on Valentine's Day flowers take on special meaning, value,  and magic. The most popular flower of Valentine's Day is the red rose, which is believed to be a symbol of eternal and sincere love; pink rosebuds express one’s affection and admiration; and white roses are considered a symbol of innocence, purity, and loyalty. Rose is a flower that is present in all greeting compositions and bouquets for Valentine's Day. However, not only roses are very popular, but any fresh flowers of delicate and romantic shades.

Valentine cards

The second place among all gifts for February 14th is occupied by Valentine cards. Although this is a simple card in the form of a heart, which depicts bunnies, cats, bears,  and couples in love, a valentine is a part of the tradition and goes as the symbol of this famous holiday.  Each of us can afford this small gift, it is simple but powerful. Given that valentines are the oldest love message, it is important to pay attention not so much to the choice of colour and size of the card, as to the text of the greeting. One can write their declaration of love, express tender and reverent wishes. Though it is unlikely your loved one to appreciate the dry signature "Happy Valentine's Day". This is the day to be sincere and passionate.

Chocolates and Sweets

The third place in the "Gifts for Valentine's Day" hit parade is taken by chocolate delivery. How can you resist sweet treats in the shape of hearts, cupids or flowers !? Chocolate products of various shapes, themed cakes and cookies are very popular as presentations on this day.

Stuffed Toys

Next are gifts, soft toys. Teddy bears, kittens, custom-shaped pillows and other plush friends are the fourth in our list of Valentine's Day gifts.


Last but not least in fifth place is jewellery because everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friends ;). The gift is not cheap, but still very popular. Jewellery stores offer gold and silver pendants in the shape of hearts, original rings, bracelets that sell like hotcakes on the pre-holiday days. However, today one can find the most modern and fashionable alternative to gold and diamonds by choosing handcrafted jewellery. These unique masterpieces can easily become a one-of-a-kind find for your very special person. 

Order Valentine gifts online for February 14th - Valentine's Day! It would seem that this is a standard and classic set of gifts that does not change from year to year. Nevertheless, one’s genuine feelings give all the special meaning and depth to the gesture. Do not cease to amaze and delight your loved ones! On our website, you can find unusual gift ideas, as well as place your order online, and book the gift delivery. To make it easy for you we have created a special Valentine's Day Collection:

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Happy Valentine's Day! And may your gift choice be easy and enjoyable :)